Short Story One: Night and Day

Written by
Robert Beasey

There was this husband and wife that had twelve children everyone in this small town thought they were a picture perfect family but little did they know the so-called perfect parent’s had a diabolical plan that involved some of their children. One day the house that they all lived in was on fire all the towns’ folk along with the firefighters tried to put the fire out during all of the commotion the family dog tried to save all the children but the dog could only save six of the twelve children. The dog tried to save all the children but even the dog could only do so much. The dog when he saved one of the six children the dog had to break down the door to get to one of the kids. The fire soon over the whole house, no one could find the parents of the children all they could find were bones of what they thought were the parents. All the town’s people helped pay for the funerals of the children that died in the fire.

A year later a man and a woman came to the children’s graves no one know who they were, but one of the children that survived the house fire went to the children’s graves and saw the two mysterious individuals and he started to wonder why these two mysterious individual’s were at the grave sites of he’s loved ones and then he realized that no one could find the parents of the children that perished in the fire. Little did anyone know the parents set the house on fire them just to get the insurance money from the settlement that they would get to help pay for bills. Should he go on to the parents confront them to see if they would admit if they really were. He wondered if they were in his parents, or if they would deny if they were paying his parents. The authorities were trying to solve the case, but it baffled them.

Every night there would be a wolf would come out and wonder the grounds where the children’s graves were the wolf would be waiting for the dog in hopes to confront the dog. In order to fight the dog because the wolf symbolized all the evil and the dog was all that is good within the world. But every time, the wolf came out at night. The dog was nowhere to be found. You see, unbeknownst to everyone else, every time, the townsfolk would come out during the day they would see the dog wondering around town and they knew the dog looked familiar the dog looked like the dog that helped the children escape their fiery home. But after that night, the dog was never seen again until recently.

When the town’s people saw the dog after so long, people started to wonder why has the dog really come back. The fire was so long ago that they had thought that the dog perished in the fire along with the six children in the daytime. The people saw the dog, but during the nighttime the people would hear the wolf howling at the moon. And searching for the dog to see if he could confront the dog and fight him, because the wolf felt as if the dog was trying to mess up, what the wolf was trying to accomplish for the wolf wanted to confront the dog to understand why he did what he did.

For the wolf could never understand why the dog would protect the children from the fire, because in the wolf’s understanding of his world was that no one protected. Anyone in his world. So why did this dog protect these children from the fire because the wolf couldn’t understand why an animal would protect human’s because in the wolf’s world he wouldn’t depend on humans to protect him from harm so that is why the wolf was searching for the dog to make him explain to the wolf why the dog felt so protective towards the six children. The towns people were worried for the dog, because they heard the wolf every night, howling at the moon and pacing back and forth in the cemetery grounds, waiting for the dog to show up. They were afraid that the dog and wolf would disturb the resting places of the children’s graves and bring about unrest upon the town that no one would be able to recover from for you see, if you wake the dead. It would be a terrifying experience for all who live in the town.

For you see if the undead heard rumblings the undead would come up out of their graves and before they could rest again. They had to find out who it was that woke them out up there sleep and why they did so. The people within the town did not want the undead to disturb their happy little town or the chance that they had to shake the stigma of being the only town to not have a chance to capitalize on their chances of getting rid of the title of being the most haunted town in the United States.

The reason no one had ever come to this town again was because of what happened to the children in the past, because every time someone would come after that house had been rebuilt the ghosts of the children that perished in the fire would come back and haunt the new inhabitants of their house to the point that they would be so afraid for their well-being, that the new owners of the House would have no other choice but to move out of that house that they had already bought it is for this reason that the town had never recovered from the fire, because the ghosts all think, whom ever owns that house besides their parents would not be good enough to own the house so that is why the children haunted the house, because the children had no idea that their parents were the ones that had set the house on fire.

When the surviving child of the fire went closer to the two people he had pulled out a gun and said do you remember me? Just then the parents realized who he was he transformed into the wolf and said I am all the evil you two had bottled up, and I have all this anger pent up in me. I hate what you two made me do and with that he devoured them both. The reason the wolf and the dog never saw one another is because they were one and the same.


2 thoughts on “Short Story One: Night and Day”

  1. I saw your Facebook page, asking if this could be a children’s story…at first I thought, Oh No! It’s a scary story! But in a way, it reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood, and a LOT of stories from Native American lore. I think it has the “kernel” of a children’s story, but it needs to be softened up a little…


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