Showing the webmaster how I navigate around my email

Back-buttons and clicking out is fastest for me.  But other students wont do that, I think because they may be scared of messing up the system forever.



Showing the webmaster how I log on….

Before I can get to Dragon, I have to first log on to the computer, and that’s not easy.  Not only do I have to log on, but once I bring up Dragon, I have to click on THEIR version of the microphone before I can use the system.

Showing the webmaster how I use a wireless mouse.

Today, I’m showing the webmaster how I use a wireless mouse.  I think the wireless mouse is a better deal for people with motor skill challenges because they are able to move the mouse where-ever they need to, without getting tangled up.   With a wired mouse, there is only so far one can move a mouse.

It’s easier for me personally to use the right side of my laptop, because I have better use of my right hand.