On Earth, No One Can Hear You Scream (Ch1 P2)

Note to self: On this page, I want to describe how the other part of the earth, the uninhabitable part of the earth, is being affected by the atmosphere.  I want to start out with the reason this part of the earth is uninhabitable.

Scientists tell us that sooner or later, an asteroid will strike the earth.  In fact, they believe that the reason the dinosaurs became extinct in earlier millennia was due to an asteroid strike.  The asteroid finally did hit the earth, but when it hit, it released certain gasses that when mixed with earth’s atmosphere, metamorphosed into a gas in which no living being could survive.

The reason the western portion of the earth remained inhabitable was that the asteroid hit the eastern side of the earth first, and now the poisonous atmosphere is slowly infiltrating the western side.  The AUTHORITY is trying to synthesize an atmosphere that can sustain life.

But there’s more.  The AUTHORITY believes that mankind must go into space to survive, or, if not, within the five years, there won’t be any life on the surface of the earth.

Note to self, I want to incorporate this into the story: NASA has been studying the atmosphere of Mars, and believes that at one point, its atmosphere was able to sustain life.  We should take that as a lesson learned for our own earth.



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