On Earth, No One Can Hear You Scream (Ch1 P4)

Note to self: the scientists have finished developing atmosphere, and they are getting ready to make the domes.  In page four, we’ll describe HOW they are going to introduce some of the Mars atmosphere.

The construction of the dome was considered carefully.  The vents, instead of being square as was commonly seen in the 21rst century, were semi-circles.  This allowed better and more efficient air-flow, which in turn, allowed faster exposure to the gasses.  The AUTHORITY did not want to waste any resources that could be spent elsewhere.

For more information on why and how fluids and gasses flow better and faster in a round container than a square one, check this link:


The dome was built in such a way that all the bottom of the dome was lined with these semi-circle vents, but also had some vents on the top.  This was to allow a natural air flow within the dome. That way, when the domes were taken away, the humans wouldn’t have to be re-acclimated to the new environment.

The scientists created the artificial atmosphere for humans by doing the following:

They first took the plants and genetically modified them so that their photosynthesis process was greatly enhanced, and enabled them to produce much greater quantities of oxygen than the original plant.


Since they had to do this under a dome, they took advantage of the glass portion of the dome to be used as a focused lens during the day, and at night, they used heat lights to accelerate the process of photosynthesis on the genetically-engineered plants, which, in turn, generated a ton of oxygen.  This process had an additional benefit of also accelerating the process of sugar production, as occurs naturally in photosynthesis. (Light energy is used in plants to create a simple sugar called glucose).

The dome itself was part glass, but seeing as they had to live in the dome, it was also part electrical outlet.

For more information on flexible batteries see this article


The intention was to build the dome on earth so that it could be carried on the ship to Mars, and that way, they could put the dome on Mars before they tele-ported people and animals to a location under the dome.  There’s quite a few tele-portation platforms within the ships, and what they do is the section that houses the domes, since the domes are huge, they have one of the tele-portation platforms made specifically for the domes.  This way, once they get to the planet, they can place the dome in sections, beaming the sections to the surface of the planet. Once all the modules and sections are in place, then humans can tele-port the construction workers onto the planet, and proceed to construct the domes before the ships tele-port the humans down to the planet.  This is “why” the ships had to be as large as they were, so that while the construction crew were assembling the domes, the humans could still have a place to live and go to work until the domes were put together.   All processes could continue.


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