On Earth, No One Can Hear You Scream (Ch1 P5)

Now that they have everything set, and put on every ship, they just have a few more odds and ends to finalize–and then, they can start their journey into space.

First, they have to make sure all the outlets for the shops are able to work.  If you go in to space, there’s no Home Depot available for supplies!   Or, as most people say now, “There’s no Lowe’s in Space”!!  But now that they have everything neatly tied down, they can proceed with their journey into space.

They were okay for a while, but there was one unexpected bump in the road.  What they didn’t count on was the presence of unknown organisms in space that attach to the spaceship, and drain energy from it.   Even more insidious, is the fact that they exist in a dispersed state when in space, but when a ship passes near, they aggregate together, becoming a more powerful mass that can drain energy at a substantially accelerated rate.  They are vampires of space.

Once one of the ships encounter the space organisms, since the ships are a form of colonies the first ship that encounters the organisms can relay messages that warn other ships to try to avoid the energy vampires.

Eventually, all the ships make it to their destination, but they still have to worry about the space vampires, because — and this is another chink in the armor of humanity — due to the fact the humans don’t know the origin of how the space vampires came from now one additional aspects that the construction crews have to be aware of is the space suits.  With the space suits, they can repel most, if not all, of the space debris that comes their way.  Since no one knows the origin of how and where the space vampires came from, the scientists can’t put any so-called anti-space vampire solutions on the construction crews’ outfits.  So now the construction crews have to work in ships of ten people per shift, so that they can’t send all the construction crews at once down to the planet, because there again, no one knows what the effects would be to the human population if they get bitten from the space vampires.

They beamed the first shift of construction crews down to the surface of the planet.   There, the crews wait for ships to beam the domes to the surface.  But first, they survey the area, to decide which areas are suitable for the dome placement.    An area that is not so rocky, so that humans who will eventually be placed within the domes don’t have to contend with many obstacles in their paths.  This is not just a matter of convenience, it is a matter of commerce.  The shopkeepers want their customers to have as few barriers as possible to go shopping in their stores.  On the planet, all shopkeepers are on equal footing; there’s no monopolies, no franchises, no hostile take-overs.





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