Chapter Two of In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

Notes for chapter two:

The next chapter, chapter two, deals with the “scream” part–when someone is bitten by one of the space creatures.

Some processes means that the person that is infected has to go through certain phases in which they scream in order to …….(we are working this out here)

If the scientists don’t catch specific moans, then the subject couldn’t turn into …….(idea to be worked)  …but the premise being that scientists can gauge the progress of the disease by the moans an infected person makes as he or she suffers through the infection.

In every sickness, before one can cure the disease, one must follow the disease through its progression to the end.  The horrible consequence of that a human being must serve as a human lab rat in order to allow scientists to study for a cure.

The image represents the fact that the rings far apart from the planet contribute to a person’s …..idea to be worked out here, but the bottom line is that the space dust that circles a planet is a biological danger zone to humanity, and the fact that the domes weren’t built tightly enables this biological hazard to penetrate the domes’ safe area.



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