Added More to Page Four of My Science-Fiction Story..

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

Today I added stuff about monster plants that produce monster oxygen and sugar, and tele-porting domes and people to Mars…


Started page four of my story….In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream…

…And I am adding REAL SCIENCE to my story…..domes with semi-circle vents and are part glass, part battery, to hold in earth’s atmosphere…..

My friend insisted I use REAL SCIENCE when I write my science-fiction story!  She’s not letting me get away with anything easy! 🙂  Here’s some background on the science I’m using:

A Possible Sequel: The Phantom of the NTWH

I was looking at my VERY short story, “The Phantom of the NTWH” I wrote this in 2006.  I was thinking about time, dates, whatever, and …I just realized it has been quite a few years since I graduated high school—TODAY!

June 4, 1992  —  What a day —

I want to connect the possible sequel of the Phantom of the NTWH to show just how incredibly long it took to write this.  I’m almost afraid to start a sequel because I’m afraid of how long it takes me to write.  But I will do it. Nothing has stopped me before, no matter how long it takes, or how hard it is.

It took me about nine years to get my associate’s degree, and it’s taken me about almost eight years, up to this point, to get my bachelor’s degree.  But I am NOT going to stop now.

Even if they can’t find my birth certificate to prove who I am!!!

And even I’m beginning to question that!!

The simple fact is, every DOV in the United States SHOULD have an electronic record of everyone’s birth certificate on file—so they can just pull it up!!

Thank you to Marinella Hume Casting

The staff at Marinella Hume Casting are true democrats who believe in real and true opportunity for all.   When I applied to work for their company, they actually had special areas of interest for those with disabilities!  I honestly could not believe that having a disability was a real point of interest to them, so that I could possibly be employed.

These people are GREAT!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Marinella Hume Casting Company.